28-07-2010 : complete Carlos Vamos discography now available online for listening and download : > link to Carlos vamos discography

12-12-2009 : Been working on a Documentary about one of my favorite Painters, Saad Ali from Irak! his work is absolutely fantastic, here you can watch a preview online. link to the movie

04-12-2008 : Been so very to much busy touring and playing music with my dear friend Lindsay Buckland, to busy to post some new news... BUT here is some updates... Painting Painting Painting .. both my grandfathers where painters and now since 2008.. I am painting myself, its a new thing for me and I am doing it pure out of intuition and felling, you can see some of the paintings on my myspace page, and more on the way being painted right now..! apart from that working on the new album "The Slightly Wellknowns" to be released in spring 2009, some of the paintings are available for sale ( just email me) and some are reserved for my first exhibition to be held in July 2009 in Malta at the Auberge de Italia,the house of Caravaggio during the MTV Malta music week on which we are also performing music. link to the paintings

13-07-2008 : Carlos Vamos & Lindsay Buckland In Colmurano (Italy)

10-04-2008 : one more new video uploaded on youtube! tourdates are almost ready and will be posted soon!

29-03-2008 : Two New Carlos Vamos videos uploaded on Youtube

17-03-2008 : Carlos Vamos Myspace opened:

22-12-2007 : After a short winter tour of Italy we are now in Australia, we where spotted in Adelaide Rundle mall yesterday, somebody posted a video on youtube!!! see it on this link : Carlos & Lindsay in Australia on Youtube

12-11-2007 : - THE FAMOUS UNKNOWNS - The NEW Double CD by Carlos Vamos & Lindsay Buckland is out !!! NEW DOUBLE CD with 22 songs - Disc One ALIVE ( 66 minutes ) contains 10 tracks recorded live, the best of our current live set . Disc Two WANTED ( 60 minutes ) contains 12 brand new songs recorded in the autum of 2007 at Vamosia studios Amsterdam, the new songs are not featured on the live Disc One!!! Original songs composed by C.Vamos & L.Buckland. Listen to AUDIO samples on Youtube



Price 30 euro includes worldwide postage

20-09-2007 : News News News! Well is been very quiet over here for a very long time and the tour dates where also not really up to date, my apologies for that! We had the most successful year ever for us in Ferrara since our Busking History. We have been doing a lot of gigs and outdoor performances all over Holland since we got back from Italy, recently we started recording our live concerts with the plans to Release a Double Live Album at the end of October, Lets hope the gods of sounds are with us, The New Album will be entitled "The Famous Unknowns" . Also at the moment I'm producing an Album for Divya, a girly that sings like an Angel!

13-09-2007 : Hypnotic Poison - DIOR

17-08-2007 : Robin Nolan Trio (Carlos Vamos rhythm guitar) sunday 19th august Live at "Duende Dos" 9 P.M Nieuwe Willem Straat 1 Amsterdam.

16-08-2007 : Just got back from Swiss, it was a great honor to play with Robin Nolan in Bern! some videos will be posted soon.. now is back to Vigilante Safari Mafia time! we are performing in Italy next week (check tourdates) more new dates for september and oktober will be posted very soon.

14-07-2007 : Holiday!

26-06-2007 : Vigilante Safari Mafia wins second price at the Bad Waldsee Festival in Germany!!!!

12-06-2007 : SOLD!

10-06-2007 : Our Loyal Cadillac (official touring vehicle for the 2006 tour) seems to be a bit unhappy this year, the transmission keeps breaking down and I'm feed up with fixing it...we are back to our Trusty chevy!!! . Cadillac deville 1969 station: BUY IT NOW 4000 Euro :) :) :)

07-06-2007 : The Swing must go on.. we just finished another album with Robin Nolan entitled Temperature! Carlos Vamos Rhythm Guitar & Arnoud vd Berg Bass. Album Available at

06-06-2007 : Very special Thanks to Grzegorz Kalmuk from Wroclaw for the nice Artwork.

07-05-2007 : My Dear old friend Lindsay Buckland is back in town!!! We started our first VSM shows of the season at the 2007 Queens day celebration, it was the sunniest Queens day that I can remember since the history of Queens day (maybe even the History of Holland....) the crowds of people where very welcoming and generous, even Spiderman dropped by!!! We uploaded 3 pictures of the day on this page. Later that week on the 5th of May we performed in Almere for the Independence day celebration festival... more news coming soon.

16-04-2007 : Two NEW Albums released! The new Carlos Vamos Solo Album "Angel From Another Heaven" music that was never played before and will never be played again. 65 minutes of solo tapping guitar improvisation. Recorded in one take (April 2007) pure music! ---------------- And the new Robin Nolan Gypsy swing Jazz project trio album which Features Carlos Vamos playing Rhythm Guitar on all the songs, The album entitled "Jumpstart" was recorded live in the studio, all songs are recorded in one take with no overdubs. The album is available at . Beside that I have been working in my studio With Jimmy Rosenberg and Robin Nolan, they recorded some mean tracks that will be availble like bonus footage on the Live in Paradiso Jimmy Rosenberg Concert DVD that includes tons of rare and historical Jimmy footage, I'm almost done with all the video editing and production!!! the new Jimmy Rosenberg DVD will be released in May 2007. Look out!

26-02-2007 : Just got my left handed Taylor acoustic in! What an amazing guitar : See it Hear it Feel it

15-02-2007 : The acoustic version of Vamosia its up on Youtube!!! After a few failed attempts to upload this song (sorry subscribers) I have managed to post one that has a decent sound, its so frustrating that the Youtube audio compression changes the sound from your uploaded videos so much, so after a few experiments I figured out how to EQ the sound of the guitar so that it sounds a bit bad at home but once I uploaded it it becomes kind of what I wanted.... And why did they make Youtube Mono???? I hope that will change soon. enjoy the track. CV

08-02-2007 : Freedom of expression! has many of you have already seen I have joined Youtube some months ago, a great site on which I have been posting some of my videos from time to time. The Youtube concept its a great tool for artist to get a lot of people to see them BUT... It is sad to see the amount of meaningless and insulting comments posted on it, not to mention all the disrespectful emails from other members and artists. Its a SHAME that people don't know how to deal with the freedom of expression which as been given to them on Youtube. CV

05-02-2007 : New video of Carlos Vamos demonstrating his AIRguitar on YouTube: Click here for the AIRguitar

01-02-2007 : Some new tourdates for 2007 are up! A complete full list will be online soon.

31-01-2007 : NEW Carlos Vamos videos on youtube! this is one of them Click here for the NEW video

14-01-2007 : NEW Carlos Vamos album "Tapptoria" Release date 15-01-2007. Features Carlos Vamos on Guitars & Linndrum. Just has I was slowly recovering from the intense touring this summer and the recordings of the Vigilante Safari Mafia CD with Lindsay Buckland, my friend came by my house saying something about a Linndrum drum machine he had seen on a second hand music site... he persuaded me to go and check it out claiming that this was the best drum machine ever, Well, he wasn't lying.. after listening to it I was instantly in love with it, The Linndrum its so organic sounding and has such an amazing feel to his groove , its simple irresistible! we took it home and the inspiration started to flow, the result ... a new Carlos Vamos album! On this album Carlos plays Guitars & Bass and programmed the Linndrum. The foto is from the "Tapptoria" recording sessions rig!!!

13-01-2007 : Two hand Tapping (two guitars!!) player from Korea Zack Kim on Youtube

23-12-2006 : Busking in Dam square & Leidseplein from 23 Dec till 31 Dec. Amsterdam

12-12-2006 : NEW Site foto!! the foto was taken at the Sarmede Festival in Italy Last week by Daniele Morsego.

11-12-2006 : Some small Carlos Vamos Videos are now on Youtube, check it out! And more coming soon!

09-11-2006 : Carlos Vamos will be playing saturday 11-11-06 in cultural center De Balie in Amsterdam at the Equality Festival, show starts at 21:00.

30-10-2006 : Busking weekend in Haarlem city center coming Saturday and sunday, both days at arround 13:00, solo show.

29-10-2006 : The new album is out! The fresh new project from Carlos Vamos & Lindsay Buckland "Vigilante Safari Mafia" is now available. we couldn't really fit the picture of the car on one CD so we had to make a double album....(don't worry...they are also for sale individually) the album features original songs composed by Vamos & Buckland and everything was recorded and mixed in the first week of September in Amsterdam. The CDs are available HERE

20-09-2006 : Vigilante Safari Mafia

13-09-2006 : It has been a very very long tour and I couldn't find the time or energy to writte any news for a while... back home now for about a week and working on the recordings of a new Duo album with Lindsay Buckland, the project is called Vigilante Safari Mafia. All the songs are pretty much recorded and we are starting to mix soon, the album should be out by the end of ocktober. foto below is Lindsay and Me on the the streets of ferrara this August! more news soon

15-07-2006 : Busking In Den Haag (for the first time ever)

09-07-2006 : Congratulations Italia!!! New Carlos Vamos CD Live In Italy released the same day Italy wins the world cup! AUGURI!

01-07-2006 : New Album Live In Italy Release date 09-07-2006.

01-07-2006 : Busking in Rotterdam City Center.

12-06-2006 : Oleggio Buskers : Great Festival. If you are a busker, Stresa & Varese.... Not worth it.

01-06-2006 : New dates for 2006 posted on tourdates section.

25-05-2006 : When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. -Jimi Hendrix-

20-05-2006 : Amsterdam busking weekend.

18-05-2006 : FRESANE 12

15-05-2006 : Tapping Masterclass at music school Waterland - Purmerend - Holland. Starts at 19:00.

13-05-2006 : And another Busking weekend / Amsterdam.

06-05-2006 : Busking weekend / Amsterdam.

05-05-2006 : You can now see some of the songs from the Carlos Vamos DVD and also the dance movies for which Carlos Vamos composed the music on the homepage of the RMW Dance company!: RMW dance Digital

25-04-2006 : Carlos Vamos will be playing Thursday the 26th, the concert will be at the Lutherse Kerk Church in Monnickendam. Show starts at 20:00.

18-04-2006 : SOLD/GONE!!! Unique chance to own one of the guitars from Carlos Vamos!! The ultra light handmade Tapping travel guitar used by Carlos Vamos on the African tour is for sale! Features: Humbucking pickup, swamp ash body and Carbon fiber reinforced neck with very low action and ideally adjusted for tapping, personal Signature on request. The only one in the world! Price 400 Euro incl worldwide postage.

14-04-2006 : Easter weekend busking in Dam Square and Leidseplein - 14/15/16/17-04-2006 Amsterdam.

03-04-2006 : DVD feature on Guitar player Russia, Free dvix complete video download of the song Vamosia here: Free Vamosia video download

01-04-2006 : busking weekend in Amsterdam.

30-03-2006 : First impressions of the African Busking Tour.

27-03-2006 : Show at Palm Beach Hotel in Kotu Gambia.

19-03-2006 : Mini African Busking tour in Gambia and Senegal 20-03-2006 / 28-03-2006

17-03-2006 : busking weekend in Amsterdam...

15-03-2006 :The dog song by Richard Summerbell from the Light Carries On CD (carlos Vamos Guitars and production) just won the top prize in its category in the Great American Song Contest. See

24-02-2006 : Jet another fantastic busking weekend in Amsterdam...

17-02-2006 : Another fantastic busking weekend in Amsterdam.

26-01-2006 : 27-28-29 January 2006: Busking at San Sebastia Festival PALMA DE MALLORCA / Spain.

25-01-2006 : Session! Carlos Vamos guest on "Flowriders" new album.

21-01-2006 : Busking weekend at DAM square Amsterdam.

11-01-2006 : VAMOSMOBILE! First foto: the way I found the car in a Barn and The other one after restauration! Its a RARE Cadillac Ambulance from the sixties!!!! Gas driven, 3140 Kilos!! 7 Meter long, 390 PK, 8 seats, two independent Aircondition systems..... This is The official Carlos Vamos Transportation vehicle for the 2006 European Tour..... Tourdates coming soon (All dates subject to parking space availability)


09-01-2006 : Carlos Vamos Will Perform Sunday 15-01-2006 at The Kleine Komedie Theater in Amsterdam With Ad Viser ( Top Of The Pops TV Presenter) in The Parade of Heavens Tragedy, Tickets available at the Event.

01-01-2006 : First day of 2006

31-12-2005 : Last day of 2005

22-12-2005 : NEW RELEASE! the complete Carlos Vamos Remastered Discography 10 CD BOX is out! more info in CD section of this Homepage.

19-12-2005 : Entity with Carlos Vamos on Guitar will be performing December 31th at the Eyes Wide Shut Event in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam! Hear how the shimmering tapping notes of Vamos linger with the beautiful voice of Annete Stangenberg in the following mp3.

  • Entity with Carlos Vamos MP3

    18-12-2005 : Busking weekend Amsterdam...

    26-11-2005 : Busking weekend in Leidseplein Amsterdam!

    22-11-2005 : studio session! Collaboration with Dj Real and Bang Bang.

    28-10-2005 : Will be playing in leidseplein Amsterdam this saturday and sunday at around noon! The reason that the homepage is not being update so much lately is because im in the midle of restoring a 1960`s Cadillac ambulance limousine found in a barn which I will use for the 2006 European tour, pictures coming soon.

    27-10-2005 : Played at The Thaipoon in Roermond! On the drive back home I had The luck to listen to Derek Trucks on the car radio, I had never heard of this guy before but had to run to the record store the next day to buy one of his albums!! I got the life in Georgia album, there is a song on this cd entitled: so close, so far away! I havent heard such amazing guitar playing for a very long time! check it out.

    13-09-2005 : Carlos Vamos will play 17-09-2005 from 22:00 till 23:00 at: PERKUMPULAN ANAK2 SAMETH/KAIRATU 40TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OF MOLUCCAN BROTHERSHIP in Elst.

    12-09-2005 : Special thanks to Roberto Mascellani for the new picture! more news and pictures of the 2005 tour coming soon.

    28-06-2005 : Guitar Visions From Vamosia DVD Released! more info on CD's section.

    27-06-2005 : 27-28 july busking in Amsterdam.

    23-06-2005 : 23-24-25-26 July Busking in Amsterdam Dam Square and Leidseplein.

    22-06-2005 : New Tolga Emilio Trio album The Rietveld Sessions released! recorded and Mixed By Carlos Vamos.

    15-06-2005 : Very Happy for Michael Jackson! I hope that soon we can enjoy new music from this amazing artist!

    21-05-2005 : Busking weekend in Amsterdam! Dam Square on saturday and Leidseplein on sunday!

    20-05-2005 : The garden is full of birds and they are all singing so beautifully.

    12-05-2005 : Tourdates section updated with new dates for 2005.

    10-05-2005 : Was about time to update the weblog! I'm busking in Napoli at the moment!!! came here for the Ottaviano festival BUT that was a totaal disaster, a clear example of italian disorganization skills, basicaly the festival did not happen but luckily I still got payed and they did put me up in a five star hotel! I wonder why.... I have been playing in Napoli city centre for the last days and wuaow!!! this people are so warm, Napoli is really something else, the city is a totaal chaos and mess but still organized in his own way, very very eclectic.. Just before that I was In Manchester and Liverpool for a Holiday and did some playing there to!!! But really, this are not the best places for street musicians, people just dont have the concentration and calmnes to just stop and listen to street music, althoug I must say that when I played "Yesterday" in Liverpool a considerate amouth of people stoped to listen... got to see a few alternative Indie bands playing and YES!!! the bands in Manchester are really amazing, very profesional! the kind of bands that you think : this guys should be famous!!! but there is probably just to many good bands in this musicians nest! Tomorrow back to Amsterdam! The new tourdates for this season will be posted soon.

    16-04-2005 : Busking weekend in Amsterdam.

    10-04-2005 : Busking weekend in Helsinki. This time the Peruvians are also here...this guys are every where!!! In a polite way I approach them suggesting to take turns and play 30 minutes each, their response: WE PLAY ALL THE TIME!!! my answer:I ALSO CAN PLAY ALL THE TIME!!! their answer: WE ARE LOUDER!!! A shame they underestimated the volume of a overdriven guitar with everything on 10!!! After 5 minutes they surrender and approach me suggesting to take turns...Funny!!! sometimes the street its just like the jungle!! but in this jungle the loudest rules....

    04-04-2005 : Love, The answer to the problem of Human existence. Erich Fromm

    01-04-2005 : Busking weekend in Helsinki Finlad.

    25-03-2005 : Easter weekend busking in Leidseplein Amsterdam!!!!

    24-03-2005 : Read a Review of the new album "Unexpected Grace" by Henk te Veldhuis. . Link to CD review

    20-03-2005 : NEW RELEASE! "Music from Vamosia" the collection, 142 songs in high quality MP3. Includes All the Carlos Vamos albums (9 CDS) plus the album Carlos Vamos and Karin Hougaard play Queen live, the Demo version of the Album Piece of Eternity recorded with a different trio and the soundtracks (12 solo tapping songs) for the upcoming DVD. FOR SALE on the cd section.

    19-03-2005 : Back on the streets! this weekend Carlos Vamos will be playing in Amsterdam, you can find him on Dam square or Leidseplein.

    16-03-2005 : CDs can now be bought directly from this homepage using your credit card!! see cd section.

    16-03-2005 : the new CD is finally here!! Unexpected Grace is now officially released.This is my tenth release so its a real Milestone. The first Carlos Vamos DVD should also be ready for release soon! I had already some glimpses of it and its starting to look great Ryszard musial is truly doing a good job. After that I will continue working on the next ten CDs.....

    01-03-2005 : Birthday !!! Carlos Vamos turns 35.

    23-02-2005 : When the boy travelled North nor did he know that he would find the space sounds and he would connect his guitar to the umbilical chord of grace.

    11-02-2005 : The new Carlos Vamos album "Unexpected Grace" release date March 1th, more news soon!!

    01-02-2005 : You are so true no truer different kind of true. You are so wise no wiser different kind of wise. You are so good no better but so good for me. Thank You Herman

    12-01-2005 : Herman Van Veen's Harlekijn records will be releasing the new album "Carlos Vamos plays Carlos Vamos" a copilation of songs from the previous 8 albums. there will be 2 official press release dates on which Carlos Vamos will perform: the 30th of January at the Leidsche Schouwburg Theatre in Leiden and on the 1th of February at Harlekijn Records in Soest. People who are interested to come can send an email to to receive more information..

    11-01-2005 : A slightly out of tune guitar can sound so beautiful.

    06-01-2005 : Biography section on the homepage finally updated.

    01-01-2005 : HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    21-12-2004 : My Favorite female singer Rickie Lee Jones has posted 3 X-mas songs on her site that can be downloaded for free, if like me you had enough of all the shiny kitschy X-mas music around this is a nice alternative, you can find the songs on

    17-12-2004 : It's been really quiet over here for a while but here I'm again with some updates, lets go back all the way to Italy! The second half of the Italian tour was simply fantastic, not only was I traveling around with my good old friends Lindsay Buckland and Alex vd Born, but lots of very good friends where also performing at some of the festivals, it was great to hook up with Robin Nolan, Tolga Emilio, Starlight, Glokhopers, Mala Sangre and many more! It was like a big family of traveling nomads..After Italy I went down to Barcelona for the Merced festival but I must say that it was a very miserable experience, the festival organizers ( I must say disorganizers) which had invited us and this knowing that we are amplified performers somehow did not arrange the permits with the local police and authorities, so has soon has Tupahn and I started to play a policemen stormed in our direction and forced us to stop and warned us with confiscation of the equipment if he catch us again, so that was that for Barcelona. Back in Amsterdam somehow I felt like taking a break from the music, specially after the intense summer tour I just wanted to do something completely different so I spend 6 weeks repairing and restoring my new old car, a 1979 chevrolet impala station wagon ( perfect car for the traveling musician) but on the first day I drove it it got confiscated by the police because it was apparently stolen, this was of course a big computer mistake but it took a month of endless phone calls and a justice nightmare to get it back, he is now back with me.... Aside of all that my akai dr recorder broke down and left the studio down for 9 weeks! now everything is pretty much back to normal and I started recording songs for new album that will be entitled Breaking the Silence. In November we did some filming for a Carlos Vamos DVD that will be released in March, Polish choreographer and producer Ryszard Musial is taking care of the project and I'm very excited to see the final results! the DVD will be solo Tapping guitar and also features bonus footage of me playing arround the world and of my first band in Spain when I was 13 years old. Aside all of this I will be once again producing and performing on the new albums by Canadian Singer Richard Summerbell and South African Star Karin Hougaard. For those that care I have posted a photo of the Vamomobile.

    09-12-2004 : Fans of Carlos Vamos! Even if, like most of us, you started off listening to Carlos via one of those instrumental treasure houses he specializes in, you probably know by now that he’s also a top-flight musical collaborator for songwriters and vocalists such as Herman van Veen and Karin Hougaard. The reason Carlos is so sought-after is brilliantly shown in his collaboration with articulate-rock singer/songwriter Richard Summerbell. Richard’s musically diverse songwriting adventures really make Carlos pull out all the stops, making arrangements of up to 10 layers of guitar that surprise even him! Basic rule – even if the song is on the rock side of the force – pure Carlos clarity with a completely different texture and feel for every track. If you want more info on this Carlos tour de force, or to hear some 2-min sample mp3 clips, visit http://

    01-12-2004 : DOWNLOAD My Wild Irish Rose, a new song I just recorded.

    19-10-2004 : Breaking the silence. coming soon

    14-09-2004 : Chocolate cake!

    12-08-2004 : After a week of holidays in the east of Germany Im back in Amsterdam and getting ready for the second half of the Italian tour for which we are leaving town today, this time my good old friend Lindsay Buckland is joining us on the trip (more tour report soon) Did some busking in Leipzig and Weimar where I found out about this amazing Turkish sas player that actually plays tapping on this instrument!!! very talented and very very unusual!!!! I got some video footage of him and will try to post it on the Homepage soon. Ciaoooooooooo

    30-07-2004 : Friday-Saturday-Sunday: Busking in Amsterdam > Leidseplein & Dam Square.

    25-07-2004 : Busking in Heidelberg - Germany.

    24-07-2004 : Busking in Bardolino \ Lago di Garda Italy.

    22-07-2004 : Recording of Robin Nolan's new duo CD with Australian Guitarplayer Ian Date in Amsterdam.

    20-07-2004 : After the unofficial support act for G3 in Pistoia I found out that Keith Jarrett was playing in the Arena de Verona!!! I did a bit of busking before the show but unfortunately found out that the police where not to happy about this at all, verona is a very touristy town and that's the way it always goes...not interested in buskers. keith Jarrett's show was something from another world, I believe that he is the most talented musician alive right now and he surely proved it in last night concert, a shame that he suddenly stopped playing and left the stage annoyed by all the flash photography, just mentioning in the microphone that the audience had no common sense, he left really pissed of leaving a crowd of 5000 people in complete amazement by this radical action, he might know everything about music....but does he have common sense??? in any case he is the greatest!

    18-07-2004 : Ciao from Italy! THE BEST ! the tour is taking completely new and unexpected directions... After the Martesana festival I decided to hang out and do some busking arround Italy, did some playing in Pistoia, Lucca, Montecatini, Ravenna, Bologna, Modena, Monza and I found the police to be very social all over. The reason I actually went to play in Pistoia is because G3 (Vai with Tony Macalpine,Satriani and Fripp) where playing there that evening so I figured out that the town would be infected with guitar players and so it was, I did my show 1 hour before their show started and just 50 meters away from their venue, there I found hundreds of enthusiastic Italian guitar players and my cds where selling like ice-creams in the desert... and then suddenly!! There was Tony macalpine in the crowd watching my show, we had the chance to talk for a while afterwards and he absolutely loved the music (very nice to hear from people that you grew up listening to) He left with 2 of my cds and he took another two copies to give to Steve Vai! WUAO, I hope he has the time to listen to them. Tony invited me on the guest list to see the show and it was superb, the concert took place outdoors in the central Historical Piazza full of old beautiful buildings to which Fripps space guitar was probably most suitable, Vai was a true master and every time I see Im play live he surprises me again! It seems that he never stops developing, specially this time you could Hear a very strong influence of Indian scales and ragas in his playing, so beautiful !! Satriani was like always, lyrical secure and solid but to my idea with nothing really new to tell, but is that always necessary?? it was great to see the Master of the Master in action and all together the created a magical evening,Thank you for the dreams.

    06-07-2004 : Just to make things clear

    05-07-2004 : Amsterdam Dam square, 3rd day and no police!!! are they on holiday??+

    04-07-2004 : Amsterdam Dam square and Leidseplein shows.+++

    03-07-2004 : Leidseplein Amsterdam Busking.

    29-06-2004 : News from Killarney Ireland. I can only say that this tour is being fantastic! the people In Iceland where very warm and welcomed the music with open arms, I really cant wait to be back there again, if you run out ideas for a holliday... go to Iceland, there you can still find places where you can hear silence and I can tell you, it sounds very good. After that the tour continued in Lecce Italy where the streets where packed with big enthusiastic crowds, one of the doctors from the Lecce Hospital came to me after the show and invited me to come and play for his patients at the Hospital, I didn't know what to expect has I had never done anything like this before, of course im aware of the healing powers that music Therapy can bring but at the Hospital I realized that for this people it was probably to late has I was performing at the terminal department where there where only patients that where in the final stage with just days left in front of them, this was a very touching experience and I just hope that my music gave them a bit of joy and ease.

    11-06-2004 : Tomorrow is the start of the new summer tour, the tour kicks of in Novara/Milan Italy and I can't wait to be there.... back in my all-time favorite country! Just before this the recordings for the new amazingly played and sounding Robin Nolan album entitled Travels where finished and it just rolled out of the press, carlos also collaborated with guitar player Crispin gundry from the UK on a new song entitled String turbulence and DJ Simon Cross made a beautiful remix of my song Flowerfields, the song is available on line and you can listen to it on this address:

    07-06-2004 : Dam square Yesterday.

    06-06-2004 : Busking in Dam Square Amsterdam From 13:00 pm onwards on June the 5th and 6th, If Im not there...It means the police stopped me and I will be at Leidseplein

    28-05-2004 : New tourdates posted on tourdates section

    24-05-2004 : The last days of this American adventure are taking place in Portland, What a nice place!!! Sometimes you go to places you have never been before and somehow you instantly feel "I could live here" Portland is one of those places, at least to me. Portland combines all the aspects that makes city life comfortable, the city is made for pedestrians and not for cars, public transport is free and the busses even have a special department to place your bicycle and take along (in case you get to tired), the people I have experienced are extremely friendly and the city has plenty of green areas, I seriously regret not having my busking setup with me to give it a try.....tomorrow back to Amsterdam.

    21-05-2004 : The recordings in Oregon are done! The chance to play and record which such gifted musicians has James, Justin King and Michael Manring dosen't occur very often and It was a unique experience. the recordings where finished before the scheduled time and that left a couple of free days, being just a short distance away from Las Vegas, why not go there?? YES here I'm , won 370 $ at the casino yesterday (not bad for a starter) WELL THAT MONEY IS SAFE IN MY POCKET NOW AND IM GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE, one day in Las vegas is all you need for 79 lifetimes, what a crazy place...The album should be mixed and mastered for release in August.

    09-05-2004 : Carlos vamos will be in Eugene Oregon USA for 2 weeks recording a new album with Bass player Michael Manring and acoustic wizard Justin King. Link to Justin's Site

    06-05-2004 : Virus removed, Amazing news!!! Carlos vamos composition Balada from the album Guitarnica will be used by the Dutch unemployment welfare office GAK uwv for their new TV commercials campaign, the commercials will be broadcasted everyday on all Dutch mayor TV channelss for four months on prime time starting today! Finally carlos vamos music will be heard by millions of people and all that just from one CD that I sold on the street to a TV producer, maybe I should go busking in front of the BBC TV studios in London for a week see what happens.........

    05-05-2004 : Carlos Vamos enterprises shot down by Sasser virus! Be aware, go to and download the anti virus service pack and install it!!! I was to late and lost all data on my computer.....

    04-05-2004 : Carlos Vamos feature in Guitar Plus magazine published by Herman Van Veen on his Homepage.

    29-04-2004 : This must be church week ! I had never played in a church before and this week 2 gigs in a church....?... The show yesterday at Monnickendam was great ! at the End Jan Akkerman and I had a Jam, this guy is amazing! It really was a pleasure to see his solo set and have the chance to play with him. Saturday the 1th of may I will be playing in another church, It will be in Soest at the Oude Kerk / Old church, the event is organized by Herman Van Veen for the Harlekijn day and to raise money for his foundation that is devoted to protect the International Rights of the Children which are still being violated in many countries. Carlos will play 4 X 20 minutes sets during the day starting at arround 12:00 PM. The foto is from last night ... jamming with Jan.

    22-04-2004 : Carlos Vamos will be opening up for Jan Akkerman next Wednesday the 28th, the concert will be at the Lutherse Kerk Church in Monnickendam. Show starts at 20:00.

    19-04-2004 : Shows in Germany: Busking In Koln on the 19th (arround 13:00 pm in the big square in front of the Dom, The highest Cathedral tower in all of Europe!) and concert show at the City Hall "Römer" in Frankfurt am Main in on the 20th at 21:00 Pm.

    18-04-2004 : No Police yesterday !!! will be in Leidseplein again Today.

    17-04-2004 : Leidseplein Amsterdam, if there is no police.....

    13-04-2004 : Robin Nolan the Maharajah of Gipsy Jazz enters the studio! the new album features special guests on Trumpet, Pedal steel and violin. On this new album Robin creates a totally fresh and hip sound which once more places him along the masters of this art Django, Bireli and Stochelo. BRAVO !!! The album is scheduled for release in may. Recording, mixing and mastering by Carlos Vamos.

    08-04-2004 : Barcelona..... just returned from the capital of Spain, not officially but to my idea it is. The town was bursting with people, crazy , hectic and busy like always, and all this under a impeccable blue sky. This town is probably one of the best places on earth for street music and making money out of it, although the last day the police got a bit annoying and stopped me you can still get away with it (a club of hundred town). Discovered this amazing duo playing down the Ramblas, they are called "El rabo del ojo" and they play Cajon and electric bass, this bass player is one of the most talented that I have seen for a long time, he was doing a lot of amazing two hand tapping which is very hard to do on a Bass, truly amazing.... I got their CD and its great, if you ever see them play... buy it!!!

    02-04-2004 : Carlos will be playing in the Ramblas of Barcelona for the next 3 days: saturday the 3rd, sunday the 4th and monday the 5th of April.

    29-03-2004 : Release of the fantastic new Album By Canadian singer songwritter Richard Summerbell. The album is produced, recorded & mixed by Carlos Vamos and features the members of the Carlos Vamos trio on Drums and Bass and Carlos Vamos on electric Guitar.

    28-03-2004 : Laughter... the most civilized music in the world. Sir Peter Ustinov 1921-2004.

    27-03-2004 : BIG BLUE SKY TODAY. Due to the absurd Amsterdam police regulations Carlos will be busking again in Rotterdam city center Today.... Amsterdam has the Image and fame of being that liberal paradise place... BUT I TELL YOU WHAT: those days are long gone!!! Living here I have seen it Decline to a snobish town full of rules where a group of owners from dowtown shops and comercial activities have more to say about the city center then the actual population of the town itself and this is not only concerning the busking scene but also in many other aspects like housing, parking, Squads and even the coffeshops and live music clubs. Of course tourist don't know this and still a have a romantic vision of Amsterdam for which this town became famous for in the 60's 70's 80's and even the 90's, but to my idea now a days Rotterdam is more liberal and progresive then Amsterdam.

    21-03-2004 : First day of spring! I will be playing in Leidseplein Amsterdam Today.

    17-03-2004 : Carlos Vamos will be playing in the Ramblas of Barcelona this next Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of March; somewhere arround 17:00 P.M

    16-03-2004 : New Album from the Hot Club De Frank "Op de bonnefooi" is out !!! Recording, mixing & mastering by Carlos Vamos. More info at

    15-03-2004 : Carlos Vamos Front cover feature on Dutch magazine Gitaarplus. See the cover here

    14-03-2004 : Busking in Leidseplein Amsterdam.

    13-03-2004 : Busking in Rotterdam city center today.

    21-02-2004 : Carlos Vamos Article by Guillermo Cides in Spanish Guitar Magazine “Guitarra Actual” Article in PDF format

    10-02-2004 : Email address STOLEN By internet hackers! Please ignore emails coming from that address, you can contact me on , when the problem is resolved this will be updated in the news section.

    09-02-2004 : Busking tour cities of Spain: Malaga, Granada, Jaen, Alicante, Madrid, Zaragoza, Gerona

    06-02-2004 : Full Moon

    01-02-2004 : Review of the NEW CD Tappenade and Interview with Carlos Vamos by Henk te Veldhuis on the site of Bridge Guitar. Link to Interview and CD review

    25-01-2004 : Carlos Vamos Arrested by Police while playing music on Dam Square Amsterdam!! Carlos was taken to the police station under accusation of playing the guitar in the street illegally (in Amsterdam you are only allowed to smoke drugs in streets) the officer of justice at the police station demanded a fee of 110 euro to be paid on the spot for my release, I did not have that much money on me, so I was allowed to make a phone call to have a friend bring the money to the police station, my dear friend Robin Nolan came to the station with the money and I was released.

    23-01-2004 : NEW Carlos Vamos CD is OUT!!! This new album is entitled Tappenade and Features special guests Stanley Jordan & Jan Akkerman, More detailed Info and cover photo in the CD section of my Homepage

    14-01-2004 : DVD release from the RMW Dance Company London. The two dances on this DVD feature music composed and performed by Carlos Vamos exclusively for this production

    10-01-2004 : I will be playing on the Dam Square Amsterdam today

    08-01-2004 : A fool who thinks that he is a fool is for that very reason a wise man. The fool who thinks that he is wise is called a fool indeed. Buddha

    04-01-2004 : Happy New Year!! The first news for this year :Guitar player JAN AKKERMAN will be a special guest on my new CD to be released very soon, what a privilege! Thank You Jan.

    30-12-2003 : Busking shows in Weimar Germany for the next 3 days: 30-12-2003 / 31-12-2003 / 01-01-2004

    24-12-2003 : May this Christmas be the first of many

    16-12-2003 : The new Tolga Emilio Trio CD is out ! Recording, mixing & mastering by Carlos Vamos. More info at

    14-12-2003 : Went to see the Rickie Lee Jones concert in Amsterdam, What an amazing talent she is!!! For me this was one of the best concerts I have ever seen, She just gives everything. I think in this days of overproduction where there are thousands of cds and artist around people really need to make a clear choice on what to listen to, one life time is not enough to listen to all the good music so why waste your time listening to bad stuff? I suggest you start by people like Rickie Lee Jones, Chet Baker, Cat Stevens, Keith Jarrett or Vicente Amigo.

    08-12-2003 : Full Moon

    04-12-2003 : Carlos Vamos becomes endorser for Jim Reed Guitars; they are handmade in Bojano Italy (and just like the Italian Food... they are great!) Carlos will be playing the Lefty THR model shown on this picture. For more info

    26-11-2003 : TAPENADE - Just got back from a week tour in Sicily (Italy). I was there for the solo concerts that Stanley Jordan was doing in Catania, Siracusa and Messina. It was very didactical & inspiring and We had the chance to Jam Together and record, there will be a very nice improvised piece of music of this jam on my next CD. In case you don’t know who Stanley Jordan is…. Go check He was the first musician who took the tapping style to a high musical and expressive developed form of playing the guitar never done before by anybody else.

    15-11-2003 : The new Album will include a solo guitar cover version of Cat Stevens “How can I tell you” this beautiful tune is one of my favourite all time songs, Rickie Lee Jones (my favourite female singer) did also record a version of this song, have a listen to them if you have the chance.

    15-11-2003 : New e-mail address in use!!! The new address is:

    12-11-2003 : Shawn Lane died on September 26th 2003. Shawn was one of the greatest guitar-players around and his music had a really big impact on my playing. During the 1993/1994 period in which his album “powers of ten” was released I remember listening to it over and over trying to learn the solos....To this day this is still one of my favourite records! His melodic solos are so full of light, hope and positive emotions, much more then just music. Thank you Shawn.

    08-11-2003 : The sun is shinning in Amsterdam; I will be playing on the Dam square today.

    07-11-2003 : What is a more irrefutable proof of madness than an inability to have doubt? - Sir Peter Ustinov.

    02-11-2003 : In December 2002 Karin Hougaard (vocals) and Carlos Vamos (Guitar) paid tribute to Queen with a one-night concert at Herman Van Veen`s House in Soest , playing songs Queen themselves had never played live. This concert captured by Harlekijn records has now been released, among the 13 songs on this album are: You take my breath away, No-one but you, Sail away sweet sister and other jewels. Contact me if you like a copy.

    01-11-2003 : News from Japan. Lady Kamato Hongo the oldest person on earth died today at the respectable age of 116 years.The curious thing about her life rhythm, is that she would be awake for 2 complete days and then again sleep for 2 days. Maybe this way every two years you only age one! (I’m not going to try).

    30-10-2003 : The NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre has published the results of their latest research. The North Pole will be completely melted in less than 100 years! Teach your children to build arks…

    29-10-2003 : 29-10-2003 : There are no new tour dates or concerts at this moment because Carlos is working on the new album which will have the title “Tappenade" this new work is expected to be released in the spring of 2004. Alongside this there are also several other projects and releases coming up, stay tuned for more news.

    28-10-2003 : LOW END? Yes! Vamosia studios upgrades down to 20 Hertz!!! I feel the music …

    25-10-2003 : This year the Samois Festival in France celebrated the 50th anniversary of the dead of gipsy guitar legend Django Reinhardt. Robin Nolan had the privilege to perform in front of a huge crowd and pay homage to this genius. This concert recorded and mixed by Carlos Vamos has now been released on CD under the title : Robin Nolan Trio “Live at Samois”. See for more info.

    24-10-2003 : Carlos Vamos as joined singer songwriter’s duo RASALI from Rome Italy for some recordings in Amsterdam. More news about this project coming soon!

    23-10-2003 : Start of the news & weblog page.